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... Does the thought of buying a new house send you into despair as it did me? The thought of all those weekends house hunting, my fear of missing out on a great property while my husband assuaged his fear of paying too much and needing property inspections, not to mention sieving through real estate agents ever present jargon? Frankly, we’re happy if we have time to walk our dogs, add our two year old daughter, work, study and sport commitments and you get two very busy people who have outgrown their home.


Having watched my brother and sister in-law buy a fantastic property confidently using the services of Melissa Opie at KPI we asked her number and arranged a meeting. As a result I’m writing this from our new home and… more to the point, am still very happily married.


From the moment we signed with Keyhole’s Diamond Package, we both relaxed. KPI examined our requirements, about our needs for a new home that will be a savvy investment in a great area, discussed our individual needs in terms of information, comparable properties, property inspections etc. My workmates couldn’t believe I was house hunting as updates came through via email for perusal during a bite of lunch!


This may sound crazy, but 3 weeks later having found our dream property, and KPI having negotiated conditions to make the transition to our potential new home stress free, (down to including the cubby for a delighted little girl) we arrived anonymously to watch our auction. I relate the feeling of sheer elation, as we sauntered forward from the crowd of onlookers to sign the purchase documents, to our wedding day.


I have absolutely no doubt that our new home would have been outside our price range, and a missed opportunity without KPI’s services. Arranging the necessary inspections and approvals with our poverty stricken allocation of ‘spare time’, not to mention overriding our doubts and concerns with relevant facts, would have been an impossible task.


We sincerely thank KPI for the fantastic service and result, and can’t help but feel very pleased with ourselves for the best decision we made.


Sharon Breeze 
BDM Manager

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