Ascot Vale

Dear Melissa,

Re: Purchase of my “first home” in Ascot Vale.

As a generation Xer the option of owning a home in Melbourne appeared to be a diminishing one. I was determined not to become a

long-term, possibly lifetime, renter.


The referral of a friend is what led me to KPI and at first I wasn't sure that KPI would offer the service I required as a first home owner.

However, it turned out that KPI were able to provide exactly the support and advice I needed.

Melissa your professionalism and quick thinking made my dream come true in a very short timeframe. Your performance under the stress of auction conditions was more than impressive on the weekend. I really didn’t think that I had any chance of obtaining the property due to what I thought was going to be a very competitive situation placing the property out of my price range.

I was so nervous, yet you were so confident in delivering your bids on my behalf in such a calm and creative fashion eliminating my

competition. Your auction skills were a pleasure to watch and left me with the comfort of knowing the deal was clinched at a good price.

Thank you once again for controlling a situation where I felt I had little control.

Best Regards,

Karen Noonan



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