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... Melissa, what a fantastic experience! I had no idea that  utilising your services and the services of KPI™ would have  saved me such an incredible amount of time, money and  aggravation in finding the right property so quickly. It was every cent well spent!

Your market knowledge, your incredible experience, your  attention to detail, your continuous communication with me,  your professional approach in all matters, your ability to be  demanding and tough when required, your negotiating skills  and your incredible energy and enthusiasm enabled us to buy Potter  Street within 3 days of seeing it.  What is more, despite having 4 other very interested purchasers, you still managed to obtain the  property at a very reasonable price indeed. That is incredible! 

It was also enlightening to discover that utilising your services enabled me to have certain distinct legal  advantages over the other purchasers, who represented themselves, and that the estate agent had to  adhere to these legalities that you so effectively communicated. This was a very powerful factor in the  purchase.

I would very highly recommend the services of KPI™ to anyone that wishes to purchase property. I  would especially recommend KPI™ for those that do not know the property market, have very limited  time to look at property, have budget constraints or simply want to take the hassles out of finding the  right property.

Looking forward to working with you again soon. You have opened my eyes to an incredible innovative  way to purchase the right property.

Compton Harry

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