Diamond Package

First Home Buyers - Flemington

 … When Kerry and I spotted you "in action" at an auction late last  year we were immediately struck with your dynamism and  presence. "What's that lady doing there - she looks like she  knows what she's doing?" After seeing you at another auction  some weeks later, Kerry and I decided to meet with you and see  what you could offer us.What a great decision!

We were new in Melbourne (only having arrived from many years  overseas eight weeks before) and contemplating the impending  search for our first home and its inherent pitfalls. How do we  avoid getting carried away at auction and paying too much? How do we avoid being fleeced by  unethical estate agents? How can we be sure that the property we buy is good value?

Your Diamond Package solved all those issues and more. We were completely confident from day one that the property we chose under your guidance would not only be one that we loved, but would be an excellent investment as well. With you organising the house inspections, and sheltering us from the estate agents at the inspections; Kerry and I were free to relax and concentrate on deciding whether we liked the place or not.

Once we'd identified a short-list of properties, Kerry and I sat back while "the tiger" pounced in to  negotiate what is truly (to my eyes) a mind boggling deal.

Melissa, thanks so much for getting us "across the mountain". It was fun, we learned so much from you,  and we are safe in the knowledge that our first home is a solid investment. 

Mike and Kerry Breeze

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