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Residential Home - Footscray

We want to thank you for your help in finding a property for our young family. We came to you with a wish list of what we wanted in a house: a pretty Victorian weatherboard with iron lace in a quiet residential street that was convenient to public transport. We are a bicycling family so wanted to be reasonably close to the city, with Footscray the preferred suburb.

As the market got hotter and hotter I worried about where we would end up. We watched in horror as buyers out bid each other at auctions, often pushing the price up to $100,000 above the advertised price. As we saw more properties I became afraid that we had been priced out of the inner city. Would we only be able to afford a two bedroom house with a paved car-port for a back yard, or a renovator's delight that would cost a fortune to make liveable? Would we buy 20 km from the city and have our family life eaten away by the long daily commute? Or worse still, would we give up and rent forever?

With your help we looked at many properties in the area. We knew very little about the market so your assistance was invaluable. You could tell us which streets would have more capital growth. In one case I really liked a house due to its position and you advised against it. ("Don't touch it with a barge pole" if I remember rightly.) The building inspection later revealed that it really needed to pulled down and rebuilt! It would have been a disaster for us to have bought that particular house.

One advantage that we had over other buyers at auction was that you knew when to stop bidding. Other buyers would get carried away with the momentum of the auction and would be pressured by the auctioneer into biding well above what they planned to spend (and possibly what they could afford in repayments). The pressure was to bid more and more to "win" the auction. You were able to advise what a property was worth so we did not overextend ourselves by over bidding.

We were delighted and surprised when we bought a fully renovated breathtakingly beautiful three bedroom Victorian terrace for ten thousand dollars under the reserve. We would never have managed this without your advice and negotiating skills. It is not just about being smug for having achieved a "good deal". Your involvement will be felt by our family for many years to come. The lower mortgage payments mean that I am not forced to return to full time work before I am ready. The extra bedroom gives us the option of having another child with plenty of room without worrying about space. The yard gives us the option of having pets. The fact that no renovations are needed is wonderful when you have a toddler. The layout of the kitchen opening onto the backyard suits our family. It is also under half an hour cycling distance from the city.

I would highly recommend your services to any other home buyer. The money spent was worth every cent. You took the time to get to know us and found a home that meets our needs wonderfully. Thank you.

Therase, Allen and little Patrick Weeks


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