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First Home Buyer - Kensington

... After 6 months of property hunting with no  success, I heard about KPI™'s service and made an  appointment to see Melissa. I was really impressed  with her knowledge and enthusiasm and proceeded to  engage her services. 

I was looking for an inner suburban property and  planned to live in the property in the short term but  lease it out in the future. I was unsure of the exact  area and property features that were most valued by  tenants. Melissa was able to provide historical data on recent sales and leases in the areas I  was considering, which gave me greater confidence when deciding on the property I wanted to  purchase. 

Work commitments meant that I was often unable to make it to real estate agent open times so  the Diamond Package was great in that Melissa inspected the properties on my behalf and  emailed photos and comments on all potential properties through to me. From there I could  decide which properties I was interested in viewing myself. 

As a first time buyer, the prospect of building inspections and organisation of conveyancers was  quite daunting so I really appreciated Melissa's assistance in recommending these service  providers.

The property that I ended up purchasing was sold through auction. The auction was hotly  contested and I doubt I would be the owner of the property today had I been responsible for  bidding on the day. I am rapt with my purchase and would highly recommend KPI™'s services.

Cara Bawden
Consultant Engineer

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