Penthouse Docklands

Diamond Package

Residential home - "Penthouse" Docklands

… After spending the last twelve months attempting to  purchase an apartment at the Docklands I was ready to  give up and look elsewhere. I had become frustrated as I  was fed inconsistent information by numerous agents.  This made it impossible to evaluate each deal and have  the confidence to make an offer knowing that I was  paying a fair market price.

I must admit that when I engaged KPI™ to act on my  behalf I did not think you were going to have any luck in  assisting me with my problem. I am delighted that you  proved me wrong. Within a couple of weeks KPI™  researched the whole area and was able to provide me with accurate information which made it easy to  focus in on what kind of apartment I should be looking to acquire. Once we had inspected a couple of  apartments I was confident that I knew exactly what I wanted. Thank you for subsequently arranging a  bank valuation on the penthouse that I really wanted. 

When it came time to make the offer I was confident that if I could purchase the penthouse below  bank valuation that it was a good deal. To acquire the penthouse at our original offer $50,000  below market value was an outstanding result.

Melissa your professionalism and confidentiality throughout the whole process was second to none.  I could not be happier.

Robert Hadded CPA 
Senior Partner
The Practice

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