Third Party Professional

As General Manager of one of the largest conveyancing firms in Victoria, I deal with many professionals in the real estate industry.


I have known and dealt with Melissa Opie for six years assisting her clients with their conveyancing needs and believe her to be one of the most outstanding advocates practicing in Victoria.


Melissa is a diligent and tenacious advocate, who always has her client’s best interest at heart. She is across detail and has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the Victorian property market.


Melissa’s clients provide consistent feedback that they are delighted with her service and feel secure and at ease with their property transactions with her guiding them.


She understands the individual needs of her clients and tailors her service to suit. No matter the pressure, she will consistently pass on properties if they are not the perfect fit for the client she is assisting.


I would have no hesitation in recommending her services and welcome any further requests for feedback or comment.



George Morison


Sargeants Port Phillip

03 9867 5551





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