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Landlord - Kensington

 ... Well, what can I say? I found Melissa Opie to be simply the best for my needs at a critical moment in  time!  After a lengthy and protracted journey looking  after a large and complex deceased estate single- handedly, I was finally contemplating last tasks, prior to  re-leasing a renovated property in Kensington. 

It was within a fortnight of Christmas, 2005, on a hot  afternoon, that I drove past Melissa's boutique KPI real  estate business, my eye catching the drive-by  advertising. I spontaneously stopped and, tho late in the day, Melissa went out of her way to make  time to welcome me and to apprise me of her services. She even managed to take a quick trip round  the corner to look over the property and make recommendations.

Seemingly tailor-made for my needs, I checked and deliberated for 48 hours, then signed up and took  the plunge!  Very quickly I found Melissa's word to be true: what she promised, she delivered. Please  recall that we were in mid-December (with people's schedules winding down), but I found that, in  spite of the season, Melissa waved her magic wand and high-quality tradespeople tumbled out of the  woodwork.

In just over two weeks, excellent and solid period built-in -robes were installed and painted, window  coverings were selected, timber floors were sanded and re-polished, laundry and bathroom  accessories were chosen, a builder's clean was executed, and the property was re-leased to caring  and excellent-quality tenants.

Melissa's willingness and ability to provide courteous, reliable and precise communication between  landlord and tenant is exemplary, and to date I can only sing praises.

With gratitude from a contented client.

Miriam C

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