Gold Package

The Gold Package has been developed for those who enjoys the search for a property but want to use the professional expertise of KPI® to negotiate privately or bid at an ensuring that you don’t pay too much. We will provide you with an unbiased and objective opinion on the properties real value removing a lot of the stress and emotion from the buying process. Our team has intimate knowledge of all the tricks of the trade when it comes to negotiating property prices understanding how the sales agents operate. We know the best time to present offers and when it would be more advantage to wait to auction day.  Having a skilled property negotiator on your side can save you thousands as well as the disappointment of missing out at auction or private sale negotiations. You can purchase with confidence knowing you have paid the right price.

Our award winning Buyers Agents have knowledge Melbourne wide. The process will be explained in detail during your consultation.



In the majority of cases the Gold Package take between one to four weeks depending on individual needs of the seller, whether the property is listed for private sale or has a schedule auction date.

Our Fees

Our fees are expanded upon during your consultation with KPI


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